Saturday, February 21, 2009

BU Hockey 101

Last night's home game against Northeastern (#4) ended up in a tie 2-2.  Tonight the BU Terriers (#1) play the Huskies, and the game is in the third right now BU 1-0.  Anyways, I'm not only a BU Ice Hockey fan, but a fan of GREAT hockey, and this year's team plays nothing but great hockey.

For those who don't understand my insane obsession with hockey here are some (shit, i'm listening to the BU/NU game live and NU just tied it in the third)... anyways back to what I was saying.  Here is a quick tutorial on the tradition of BU Hockey:

1. Watch the movie Miracle.  Key players of the movie are Terrier alum (Craig, Eruzione, O'Callahan), and the 1980 Olympic Ice Hockey game is considered the most inspirational moment in sports history.  

2. You Tube BU Ice Hockey or BU Dog Pound.  BU Ice Hockey fans are considered some of the meanest and most dedicated fans (F*ck'em up, F*ck'em up, BC SUCKS).

3. Check out for updates.

*As I type the Northeastern/BU game has gone into overtime (again)... both teams are fighting for the top spot of Hockey East.

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