Thursday, February 19, 2009

Personal Plug #1 - Lyrical Layouts

I presented my "lyrical layout" in my Design in Communications class today. The assignment is to depict a song through type. My song: Electric Feel by MGMT (great song!). Her hair is the song title in varied opacities of black (we were limited to two ink colors). My favorite parts are her eyelashes and nostril which are made of letters. Guess who the girl is...

Mary-Kate Olsen.
Finally, today's "do" and "don't".
Do: Take your senior portraits. I finally dragged myself to a portrait appointment and sat through five minutes of awkward poses (I hate the cupped-fist-under-your-chin-I'm-an-angel pose). The good thing is that if I become famous my picture will be in the BU yearbook! Also, it's proof I graduated and great subject matter for future blog posts (look for it).
Don't: Order your senior portraits. Besides placing it in the center of your parent's living room, there is no need to pay $100 for three 8x10s and a million wallets. This isn't high school where you trade yearbook photos and then play war with your friends comparing who's prettier than who. I would totally win if we were comparing hair quality and length.

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