Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Personal Plug #3 - ELIE TAHARI site redesign: mood boards

I am redesigning the ELIE TAHARI website in my web design class, because the current site is very web 1.0 (no flash or interactivity) and doesn't reflect the sophistication, workmanship and femininity of its designs. Also, ELIE TAHARI seeks to push its designs globally so it definitely needs to update its website.

Current ELIE TAHARI site:
The current site is bland. I've completed a competitive analysis, creative strategy, site map and wireframes... but my favorite part of the class so far is creating mood boards to determine the look and feel of the site redesign.

I used an article from W Magazine (October 2008) to gain insight and inspiration into the ELIE TAHARI brand:
  • W Mag says, "Tahari is a master of distilling current trends into high-quality, reality clothes for the fashion wise but not obsessed woman."
  • Rory Tahari (Elie Tahari's wife) says, "If it's not sexy, it's not Elie Tahari. I'll tell you that."
I've created two mood boards to represent different ends of the brand spectrum:
I haven't decided which "mood" I want to go along with. I like that the "city social" board reflects real life but the "bond girl" board can work well globally. Either way, I'm excited with how my project is going and can't wait to work on the actual site design. Which "mood" do you think I should choose, City Social or Bond Girl?

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  1. i adore the bond girl one. its flashy yet powerful.