Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Boys Bad Boys

Today's "do" and "don't" clearly show that Good guys DON'T finish last

Do: See Shepard Fairey's exhibit at the ICA Boston.  Shepard Fairey is the brain behind OBEY's trademark black and white giant.  More recently, he created the HOPE Obama poster. Besides his street art being politically arousing with mass appeal, this dude started a viral phenomenon in college at RISD through his photocopied/silkscreened 'Andre the Giant has a posse' stickers.  German Philosopher Martin Heidegger explains this phenomenology as "the process of letting things manifest themselves."  Andre the Giant is viral marketing at its best. 
Fairey helps charities through the sales of his t-shirts and backs new artists.  I think Ad people can learn from Shepard Fairey.  This guy is amazing... check it out at the ICA (Courthouse stop on the Silver T Line, Free for BU students).

Don't: Pull a Chris Brown. We all know Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting the PR of their lives right now... but not the right kind.  Boys, please don't beat your girlfriends.  Now listening to Chris Brown's ballads are just depressing.  Plus side, we can use 'Chris Brown' as a verb (i.e. Don't try to Chris Brown me or I'll call the Po-Po).

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  1. ahahahaahahahhahahah. I love the Chris Brown verb. I am so using that. Here's a good one, "Don't talk smack to me biotch, or I'ma go all Chris Brown on yo ass!" ahahahaah. I have the sleepy haha's.