Thursday, February 19, 2009

UK Rocks

Before I studied abroad in London, I was an alternative, pop punk, screamo, mainstream music kind of girl (The Starting Line, Senses Fail, Mae, etc).  Then after going to free shows and crazy raves in Brick Lane, Old Street and Camden, I realized there's a lot more than just Lil Wayne and T.I. Electronic music is AWESOME... makes you wanna convulse like you have a seizure and there's no dirty grinding involved. 

If going to London is too far to experience cool music, here are some UK sites: 

The Ting Tings aren't bad, but two other UK groups that I think deserve more attention are the Foals (fav song: "Cassius" and "The Race for Radio Supremacy") and Belleruche (fav song: "Northern Girls" and "The Itch").  However, an overdose of European music can get you longing for Top 40... I know every time I heard Britney Spears in London I got excited.  No one will ever top Britney. 

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