Friday, February 20, 2009

Personal Plug #2 - Boo BC

For my Art Direction class we had to choose something we disliked and communicate it visually. Here's what I came up with:

I dislike BC Superfans and BC hockey mainly because:
1) Last year, they took every title there is.
2) There is no doubt BU/BC is one of the biggest rivalries in college sports.
3) BC Superfans wear dumb mustard yellow t-shirts.
4) Boston College is not even in Boston, it's in Chestnut Hill.

The photo is credited to the BU Athletics site and was taken at the Beanpot Championship this year where we annihilated Northeastern (who we will be playing tonight at Agganis Arena... can't wait!). Anyways, I'm in the photo, second row, center.

As for today's "do" and "don't".
Do: Support Lil' Mama. The best part of watching America's Best Dance Crew isn't just to see Beat Freaks blow the competition away, but to hear Lil' Mama talk. Y'all need to COME HARD. COME. HARD. I've never heard anyone emphasize every syllable of words like "strat-e-gize" and "in-tri-cate". She comes up with uses for words that don't exist... word to you Lil' Mama for be-ing sooo YOU-nique.
Don't: Support Mario Lopez's anything. Most irrelevant host for anything... just stop Mario... I beg you STOPPPPPP.

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