Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Facebook Security Check Ineligibilty

Is anyone as frustrated as me with Facebook's security checks?? Not only is it a pain to do this for every post I make, half the time I can't even read the words (If you can even call them words). 
I guessed "runn", and guess what? I was right.


  1. Weird, I haven't gotten these.

  2. seriously nina? i get them ALL THE TIME. i agree zeny, i HATE these

  3. I get these all the time too and I even gave up my private cell phone number and got sms charges to those creeps and now they make me do security checks. If my cell phone info gets sold I'm suing them :) They promised to remove the security checks after verifying my cell number and didn't abuse the system which I am not because everything I share is related to most of my friends interests such as fighting the new world order.