Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not me, It's you College

Graduating is like breaking up with College.  It is never easy.  Well here's what I have to say:

Dear college, 

After four years, I would think I meant more to you.  Is this really what you want?  To end it?  I didn't spend all this money on you to be jobless and homeless.  Some of my best memories were with you--trashy frat parties, hockey games, flip cup (YOU taught me that!).  Does this mean nothing to you?

I mean, I know I have been difficult... I'm still sorry about the bathroom incident, but I cleaned up my mess and had the towel rack fixed.  And I'm sorry if I ever complained the bed was too small or your food was awful.  I take it all back.

What about the friends I've made after I met you?  I love them like my own, and now you're telling me I can't see them anymore.  Can't we work things out??  Lately you've been acting strange and avoiding me, seems like you're more interested in younger people... I saw you hitting on that campus tour.  Also, you're asking for gifts... $20.09? You know I don't have money.   

I guess it's better that we end things now, but I will never forget you College.  Even though you dumped me, I love you.  

Yours truly,

Guess it's time to get out there and find someone else:
Recent Grad wanting to hook up with a Full-Time Job.  Call me.


  1. and this, my friend, is the reason why i love you so dearly. move to LA with me and we can make friends with LC and Brody. they will love us almost as much as we love college.

  2. :-D

    Seriously, though:

  3. zeny. i cant wait for part two. its all i can do not to cry about college dumping me too :(
    "hitting on that campus tour"... priceless