Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not me, It's you College

Graduating is like breaking up with College.  It is never easy.  Well here's what I have to say:

Dear college, 

After four years, I would think I meant more to you.  Is this really what you want?  To end it?  I didn't spend all this money on you to be jobless and homeless.  Some of my best memories were with you--trashy frat parties, hockey games, flip cup (YOU taught me that!).  Does this mean nothing to you?

I mean, I know I have been difficult... I'm still sorry about the bathroom incident, but I cleaned up my mess and had the towel rack fixed.  And I'm sorry if I ever complained the bed was too small or your food was awful.  I take it all back.

What about the friends I've made after I met you?  I love them like my own, and now you're telling me I can't see them anymore.  Can't we work things out??  Lately you've been acting strange and avoiding me, seems like you're more interested in younger people... I saw you hitting on that campus tour.  Also, you're asking for gifts... $20.09? You know I don't have money.   

I guess it's better that we end things now, but I will never forget you College.  Even though you dumped me, I love you.  

Yours truly,

Guess it's time to get out there and find someone else:
Recent Grad wanting to hook up with a Full-Time Job.  Call me.


  1. and this, my friend, is the reason why i love you so dearly. move to LA with me and we can make friends with LC and Brody. they will love us almost as much as we love college.

  2. hahah. awww.... im sad.

  3. :-D

    Seriously, though:

  4. zeny. i cant wait for part two. its all i can do not to cry about college dumping me too :(
    "hitting on that campus tour"... priceless