Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Key to Curing the Recession = Tiffany's

TIME magazine's 'The New Frugality' and 'Thrift Nation' talks about how Americans are altering their lifestyles to save money. I think this may not be the of best news.

Boutique owner Jackie Brander of Santa Monica, CA's Fred Segal Fun explains exactly what I am doing: "What I've noticed more than anything is that people are completely staying away. They're not even putting themselves in front of things to buy because they're just not buying, period."

Even with a sad bank account, I can't help but think the lack of shopping will hurt us more; however, today at 9:30 am while working out and flipping through the most recent Glamour magazine (Miley Cyrus on the cover)... I SAW A SOLUTION TO ALL THIS SADDNESS:

A double-page Tiffany & Co. ad introducing their new KEY necklaces. After seeing the glistening silver details of these beautiful key necklaces, a familiar urge to satisfy my love for pretty things HIT ME. It's been months, almost half a year, since I've bought something that's not food, alcohol or hockey tickets.

All I'm saying is that this ad is PROOF THAT ADVERTISING MUST GO ON DURING A RECESSION. Look at Tiffany's, they're introducing a new line of necklaces, one that will probably bring in a load of profit during graduation season when all little girls demand gifts for their hard work. But more importantly, Tiffany cleverly chose what trend to pursue.

This key necklace is nothing new... hipsters have been dangling their house keys around their necks for years, Marc Jacobs came out with a key necklace two Christmases ago. The key trend is quite old, but Tiffany & Co. is king in jewelry and it can make a passing trend TIMELESS.
So, note to brands: Up ad spending and revive your brand with some new products.
Note to (my) parents/blog readers: Graduation gift? *cough* I like the second to the left, silver one on an extra long chain *cough*


  1. Alcohol and lingerie are actually doing really right now.

  2. i have the MJ necklace but I wouldn't mind the Tiffany's upgrade! :)