Sunday, June 14, 2009

Belgian Waffle Party

You can never go wrong with breakfast for dinner. My ex-roommate Reese grew up in Brussels, so we decided to make Gaufres (Authentic Belgian Waffles) with the recipe her mom sent her.

The key to making Gaufres is using special sugar pellets instead of regular sugar. The key to making 'Zeny' Gaufres is adding twice as many sugar pellets as the recipe calls for. Reese and I stopped following the recipe when it asked for us to wait 2 hours for the batter to sit. Time is money and we don't have the patience to wait, so we just went ahead and made them.

Photo recap:
Something about this photo conveys disaster
Adding the Rum
See the purple box? That's the special Belgian Waffle sugarI chopped the StrawberriesAfter lots of tests, we reached Success!I LOVE WHIPPED CREAM and STRAWBERRIES and WAFFLESWe watched Gran Torino as we ate the waffles. Not sure if that made much sense, but the waffles were délicieux.

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