Wednesday, June 3, 2009


No joke, I was just informed by my trustworthy boyfriend that there's buzz all over the US College Hockey Forum about President Obama using bail-out money to form a D-1 Ice Hockey team at the University of Hawaii.

Quoting Flashy Man from Houghton, MI on 5/19/2009:

"An undisclosed White House aide has informed me that President Barack Obama will be pushing new legislation beginning next week to fund a new Men's Division 1 at the University of Hawaii using federal bailout funding. Obama chose to pursue a team in Hawaii to pay his gratitude to his birthplace. The Rainbow Warriors will start play at the Ice Palace Hawaii, the only rink in the state, in 2011."

Here are some of my favorite responses:
  • "It'll never happen" -Federal League
  • "Pigs will have wings before Hawaii has a D-1 team." -bigeasy29
  • "Are you sure it's still 'Rainbow' Warriors?" -owslachief
  • "This would be sooooo cool, players could go to Hawaii & get leid!" (As if this doesn't happen enough already) -Greyeagle

Here's what I have to say:

  1. I used to take figure skating lessons at Ice Palace, the only public ice skating rink on the island, and I don't see how it would make a decent hockey arena with its tiny seating area and blacklights.
  2. If this is true 2011 would be the BEST YEAR EVER.
  3. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could still be a Hockey Mom in Hawaii.

Is today April 1st or something? Maybe someone thought it would be funny to play a sick joke on Zeny and tell her that her favorite sport maybe coming to her home... whatever the reason, I like the sound of this bailout.

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