Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Monster called "NYC Prep"

A long time ago, my AP US History teacher told our class that it is good to watch T.V., that it's important to keep up with what's going on in culture, but what happens when TV producers decide to blur the line between soap opera and reality for some questionable quality television...

You get a parent's worst nightmare--NYC Prep.  BRAVO's new show based on the hit TV series Gossip Girl follows the lives of real NYC Prep School kids.  In the sneak preview below, you hear the words SEX, DRUGS and MONEY thrown around a lot, and it's not the words that bother me, but that it's coming from a 16 year-olds mouth.  "Sex is a big deal in the Prep School scene, like everyone is having sex with everyone."  Oh really?  Like one big giant orgy? 

Who are these people drinking Gin+Tonics in their tailored suits and Chanel purses?  A 28 year-old stuck in an awkward teenager?  I wouldn't recommend letting anyone younger than 16 watch this show just because it's already pretty embarrassing to watch the lack of restraint and snootiness as a 22 year-old adult.

Either way, I'm probably still going to catch a couple episodes.  You should watch the preview below... it's pretty funny that they follow a girl who wants to go to Harvard. 

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