Friday, June 12, 2009

Take THAT Twilight Fans

I think Stephanie Meyer may have plagiarized more than just plots... 17 year-old Bella's chuck-wearing, casual style and romance reminds me a lot of what I looked like when I was 17. I'm not saying my boyfriend is a vampire (although I do recount times he bit me on my shoulder and said 'Suck your blood'). What I'm saying is I don't get how Twilight, a movie filled with synchronized staring, won 5 MTV movie awards, including best picture.

Oooo, Bella and Edward look pissed at their unoriginality.

The photo of my boyfriend and I is from 2004. We were totally doing the 'Bella/Edward Cullen' thing before the 'Bella/Edward Cullen' thing was even a thing.

Twilight has got nothing on us.

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