Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sexy 60s TV

Surprisingly, The Daily Zeny's most popular post to date is the one about 60s illustrator Robert McGinnis and Stella Artois' French Riviera ads. And so, I dedicate this post to two of my favorite television shows that celebrate everything 60s and how you can watch it for FREE online.

I Dream of Jeannie
While other kids watched Reyn & Stimpy and Beavis & Butthead, I was addicted to Nick-at-Nite. I would catch episodes of Bewitched, I Love Lucy and I Dream of Jeannie before bed and never got tired of it. I was even more excited when technology could transform black+white shows into COLOR!!!! But then, I got old and Nick-at-Nite started showing Taxi, The Jeffersons and Family Matters. I stopped watching the channel.
Anyways, I Dream of Jeannie is a mix of comedy, fantasy and the awesome 60s!! Besides her adorable pink genie outfit, Jeannie wears Pucci-esque mini dresses, and Major Nelson is always clean shaven and handsome in his crisp, blue uniform. Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman's chemistry is so genuine that you wish Major Nelson would suck it up and let Jeannie make his fantasies come true.

Lucky for me and you, watch full episodes at Hulu.

Mad Men
I absolutely love AMC's Mad Men, not just because I'm an Advertising junkie, but because the characters in the show drink straight whiskey 24/7 and adulterate like there's no tomorrow. It's definitely not the vibrant I Dream of Jeannie, but it's really well written and acted drama.

If you're an ad person, you'll love the name-bombs (DDB, Y+R) and reminiscing the good 'ole days when advertising could get you a 'summer house'. If you're not an ad person, you'll appreciate the clothes... you never see a man without a suit and tie, a well-fitted suit and tie.
I'm still trying to catch up on season two, but season three starts in August. You can watch full episdoes at SurfTheChannel.

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