Saturday, June 27, 2009

Phantom Gourmet Summer Beach BBQ

Last Saturday, I went to Suffolk Downs (horse racing track) on the Blue Line for Phantom Gourmet's Summer Beach BBQ! Phantom Gourmet is a popular TV show about yummy food in the Greater Boston area. I had high expectations for a Summer BBQ event, as last summer I had amazing ribs at the Big Apple BBQ in NYC's Madison Square Park for only $8. Shown below.Phantom Gourmet Summer BBQ recap:
A shuttle from the T station took us to the BBQ located in the parking lot of Suffolk Downs Horse Racing Track.Upon arrival we received purple mardi gras beads. There was a crowd with a beer in hand standing in a giant sand box (aka beach) in the middle of the parking lot yelling "I LOVE MICHELOB!" I'm not sure if this was a good sign.Every BBQ company had a giant stand set up with a wall of banners flashing awards their ribs or BBQ sauce has won.
I decided on Aussom Aussie's BBQ because it had a crowd and very persuasive banners. Their portions looked big too. I LOVE RIBS. Their half-slab with slaw, beans and bread was $15.
It was the juiciest ribs I've ever had and the bbq sauce had a fruit preserve-like aftertaste. After getting bbq sauce all over the creation and a plate full of bones, we witnessed a MJ dance contest and headed to the race track when the fog was getting thicker. MY FIRST EVER HORSE RACE!
Overall, the food was good but drinks and dessert overpriced (bottle water $3, cannoli $5). There were two major things wrong with Phantom Gourmet's Summer Beach BBQ: 1) The weather was cold, foggy and overcast. 2) Entrance fee was $10 at the door, $5 in advance.

Although Boston had the best ribs, I think NY's Big Apple BBQ wins for overall best summer bbq deal.

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