Thursday, June 18, 2009

How the Iran Election Conflict is Changing Cyberspace and Redefining Green

I admit that I don't follow world politics or the news as closely as I should, but the recent Iran Election protests and Mousavi movement has been called to my attention through the media channels I use on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, NY Times, BBC, Google--these are the new combatants placed at the front of a possible revolution.

Americans are used to seeing images of bloodied protesters, faces of desperation and mass movements on the news--but today, these 2-D images no longer feel flat because we can hear REAL voices with them. YouTube videos, tweets, blog posts--the internet is giving Iranians a louder voice than ever, a voice that can be heard ANYWHERE in REAL-time:
You can't prove everything you see on the internet is real, but what is real is that Iranians are struggling to find peace in a very complicated situation. I posted about Iran not because I support a side, but because I support a fair election and a need to end the conflict peacefully. I also feel, in a time when Iran government is heavily censoring the media and internet, it necessary to spread the voices of Iranians who have spoken.

Lastly, I can't help but feel that times are changing dramatically. Never in my parents mind would they think that something like the internet could raise massive movements with a click of a button.

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