Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boston Hockey Warm-Up Playlist

Click images to enlarge and read playlist

I had to design a CD package for class, and I did one for the BU Hockey Warm Up Playlist. I really just wanted a reason to get the warm up playlist from Agganis Arena and find out what that TECHNO SONG I've heard since freshman year is (it's "The Funeral" by Plasmic Honey). Thanks again to Agganis' marketing manager Jessica Connor who was really quick and helpful in getting me the playlist.

So, for all you BU Hockey fans and seniors who show up an hour early to home games to watch the team warm up, here are the songs we've grown accustomed to this past AWESOME season.


  1. Zeny!

    Can you please send me a copy of your CD cover. I want to make my own complete with the case. It came out amazing!

    Dave Cunningham
    Section 120
    Row L
    Seats 1+2