Friday, April 17, 2009

ELIE TAHARI site redesign - Round 2

So I finally got around concepting a second homepage for my ELIE TAHARI site redesign project. My two concepts are inspired by two moods, which I had made mood boards for:

Mood Board 1: City Social
I surveyed some friends and this was their least favorite mood out of the two; however, I think the mock-up looks pretty modern, feminine and metropolitan.

'City Social' Homepage Mock-Up
Mood board 2: Bond Girl
I love the high contrast and pop of color. The mock-up is pretty consistent with the current clean style of retail websites.

'Bond Girl' Homepage Mock Up
Which one do you think is better? I need to choose one to pursue and write up a style guide. I would love feedback and appreciate any comments.


  1. I like the 'bond girl' better. and for some reason i think the fact that i really like this website explains why i like it better:

  2. i like the bong girl board better but I like your city social site 100% more. However, I really really like the font you used in the "spring 2009" part of the bond girl site. and I am not too into the font you used in the city social one for "headline" hope that helps!