Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The return of Holland-Mark

Today I attended the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange's Digital Combine Job Fair to see what interactive/digital agencies there are in the greater Boston area. Most of them were companies I've never heard of: Accela Communications, Boston Interactive, e dialog, Media Contacts (Part of Havas Digital), Pixel Bridge.

The agency I found most interesting is Holland-Mark. Jake (the intern there) told me the agency used to be pretty big in New England (200 employees, $200 mil in billings) and actually went bust in the early 2000s when the economy slumped. Only about 18 months ago did Holland-Mark start up again (now has an office of 20) and its goal is to be the largest independent agency in New England.

Jake gave me a pack of Holland-Mark playing cards as a gift. I would have preferred an internship or job, but I did get an offer for a portfolio review!

I guess you can never have too many cards. The Holland-Mark website plays off these cards, and you can play solitaire or 52 card pick up (very cool):Just from meeting Jake (the intern), Ben (the proofreader) and Caroline (the creative) from Holland-Mark, the agency seems like a cool place to work and a place that's going to grow.


  1. AHHH this kills me. I have to come up with some way to brand myself and was trying to think of something like this but they DID IT.

  2. also zeny, smaller places are the BEST. you get to do so much valuable work and they can only GROW, not shrink. you should look more into places like this :)

  3. shitshitshit I wish I went to that job fair.