Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HOMEWORK POST: Personal Site Web Promotions

WARNING: This post is a bit different because I'm doing it as homework for my Web Design class. I've missed class two consecutive weeks because of the PSFK Conference and Frozen Four, which you all know are two very important milestones in my life, and I need to get a good grade! So, no funny business in this post.

Assignment: Find two personal portfolio sites that have great examples of "promotions"

Personal website/blog for Bobby Solomon, a design, art and music enthusiast
Reasons why I like his site:
  • Great visual hierarchy + organization - The right column begins with a blurb about Bobby and Bobby's website, then leads to his twitter feed and then to a link menu to more content on his site.  Since the links are organized in a solid, grey block, it's easily found on the page.
  • Chameleon ads - The Scion ad below the links doesn't look like an ad.  The white background and bright colors is consistent with the overall site's style.  Scion and Giant Robot are also brands relevant to Bobby's interests and audience.  Yay for online display that works.  Oh, and his daily sites section is a great way to increase traffic to those sites.
  • Cool Content - Under 'The Desktop Wallpaper Project' and '+KN Mixtapes' are some pretty unique wallpapers and mixes for people to download. 
In conclusion, my realization that L.A. is a hub for cool design and not just a bunch of Spencer Pratt crazies and American Apparel wearing hipsters is growing stronger through Kitsune Noir's design conscious site. 

The appeal of this site is its understated simplicity. The only navigation is it's drop down menu at the top:
Rather than promoting work through a traditional rectangle with flashing images, TNOP chooses to list everything in its site in a scroll down menu.  

In each section, TNOP uses one of my favorite new design techniques... HORIZONTAL SCROLLING (I mention this in an earlier post)
In conclusion, this site shows that you don't need witty lines or eye-catching imagery to get someone's attention.  We don't always like to be yelled at.  The drop down menu was so effective it got me clicking on 'shop'.


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