Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creative Cafe and Screening of Art & Copy

Today was an advertising-filled day. First, I had a portfolio review, organized by COM, with Boston art directors and copywriters. Met with Art Directors from AMP Agency and Connelly Partners, founder of Embryo and a freelancer with 20-years of industry experience.

Here are some useful pointers I got:
  • A book should look polished (use better paper, high-quality print outs, trim edges, etc.)
  • Some Art Directors (especially those with design backgrounds) are looking for technical skills and a strong understanding of design
  • Call an agency's receptionist to find out what the office culture is like to decide what order to present work (i.e. a hipper agency may like more non-traditional/graphical work)
  • Read creative books + annuals
  • You can't always teach a designer to concept, but you can teach a conceptual (big idea) kid how to design
  • San Francisco is like Boston, they're secondary cities (to LA and NY respectively), but much more creative than LA or NY
  • Blow out all concepts into full campaigns (print, outdoor, online, DM, packaging)
  • Have at least four of these full campaigns
  • Don't do things by formula
  • Take a bad ad and redo it for (fun and) practice
  • Volume is not important in a portfolio
Secondly, I headed down to the ICA for the Independent Film Festival's screening of "Art & Copy" a documentary about advertising creatives directed by Doug Pray, who also did Surfwise, Scratch and Hype!. Pray said the film's concept is: "If you hate advertising, make better advertising."

I didn't love the film as much as I loved the people in it
... David Kennedy (Wieden+Kennedy), George Lois ("I want my MTV" campaign), Hal Riney (Reagan reelection), Lee Klow (TBWA/Chiat Day, Apple), Mary Wells (Braniff Airlines), Goodby, Silverstein... these people defined/shifted/revolutionized advertising and I admire their work and character so so much.

Long day, sleep time.

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