Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Market that National Championship

As a Boston University communications student, I have to say I am very proud (and even impressed) by BU's recent efforts to promote it's NCAA Men's Ice Hockey National Title. Playing off the momentum of the win, in the short span of a day, the athletics page changed into a championship microsite, the dean of students produced a short clip to announce that there will be a parade and online newspaper BU TODAY is filling up my school email with events and news about the hockey win.

GoTerriers.com homepage:
You can watch highlights, see photos, buy championship gear, recap the season and most of all congratulate the Terriers!!

You need to watch the below film, it's a parody off the Matrix.  Dean Elmore invites you to the Terrier Day Parade:

Last but not least, my good friend Jason Kahn created a site called GoScarlet.com promoting students to use their print quota for celebratory posters!  Who needs to print out academic material when you have posters like, "Gryba SMASHed":

Mayor Thomas M. Menino officially proclaims this Tuesday, 4/14, as Terrier Day in the city of Boston.  EVERYONE SHOULD CELEBRATE!

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  1. I don't really see any Matrix references in that commercial, but hey; you see what you want to see.