Sunday, April 5, 2009

ELIE TAHARI site redesign - Round 1

A while back I made mood boards for the ELIE TAHARI site redesign.  Most of you chose the 'bond girl' mood because it was clean, modern and elegant... so I finally got started concepting. Here's round 1:
I'm pretty happy with the colors.  I just got to tweak the alignment and add icons.  What do you think?  Better than the current site (below)?:


  1. LOVE THE REDESIGN!!!! So amazing.

  2. I wish I could see it full screen, but I think the color blocks x transparencies mixing with the menu, along with the frame layout, make it too busy / confusing.

    it might not be a problem when its bigger. also, i have a strong preference for simple websites. i like clothing websites to look like fancy, color line sheets.

    mayb its just jarring to see all the color and drop shadow x logo next to the current website.