Monday, March 2, 2009

After douching... repHresh

A couple weeks ago, I was watching My Best Friend's Wedding on TBS with my roomates, when our gay friend pointed out a funny commerical to us. Climax comes around 0:22, so wait for it.
The word "douching" is apparently allowed on TV.  I wonder why TV shows or other commercials don't use "douching" more often then... maybe because it's completely AWKWARD and uncomfortable, or hysterically funny for some people like me.

This commerical played at least three times throughout the movie.  I really wish I knew who made this commerical and was like, for one of our scenarios, can we use douching?

My snow day TV-coma inspired today's "do's" and "dont's":
Do: Watch The City tomorrow night. It's the Sex and the City for ambitious college girls who drink a lot, buy expensive clothes and work out to the Pussycat Dolls.
Do: Watch the upcoming season of The Hills trailer. You will be in tears by the end.

Don't: Watch the upcoming season of The Hills.  I'm sorry... a fortune teller, a bartender that hits on Spencer (really??) and the reuniting of LC and Heidi?  Staged to the millionth power, not supporting this crap.  

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