Friday, March 27, 2009

Google Suffers, the Apocalypse is Coming

You know you've made it big when you're mentioned twice in the movie Twilight, and by this, I'm talking about Google. It's the one and only search engine, as far as America is concerned.

I'm not usually a huge endorser of large corporations, but Google truly is GOD. Think about it... how else would a pacific northwest teenager find out her crush is a vampire?!? We don't 'Yahoo!' searches or 'AOL' them... we google. Googled. Googling.

Besides a simple search bar, Google has changed our lives with:
  • Google Earth - We've all zoomed in on our houses or secretly stalked others...
  • Google Analytics - I'm hoping you are a unique visitor, please return :)
  • Google Maps - What's MapQuest?
  • Gmail, GChat - Best way to communicate in class or at work, I swear I'm checking my email!
It's nothing but a G-thang... but now, our dear God Google is laying off about 200 employees globally in their sales and marketing departments.

WHAT? Google is trimming the fat also?
The recession truly is ruthless, it knows no boundaries. And this time it's gone to far, vampires and humans alike must unite to fight this evil force we call economic recession...


  1. zenidala, summon the rebel alliance.

  2. reader is a huge one for me

    also dont forget chrome, docs, calendar, android