Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's ALL about Britney

Britney's Circus Tour kicks off tonight in New Orleans, and EVERYONE is excited. Why? Because this is the comeback critics have said wouldn't happen and all the fans prayed for. Why did we, the fans, know that Britney Spears would comeback giving us more sex appeal and hits? Because beyond the weight gain, divorce, breakdown, rumors, bald head, etc., BRITNEY SPEARS IS AN AMAZING PERFORMER AND SHE KNOWS IT.

Formulaic or not, I am a fan of the Britney phenomenon... I think at the very core of her success is her want to succeed, not because of her manager, producer or publicist.

Why we love Britney:
1. Britney makes us feel sexy (rawwrrrr)
2. We relate to Britney's music (being a slave for someone or part of a circus)
3. We all know Britney is human (beer belly, muffin top)
4. Her music is critical part of starting a night out
Thanks for pushing the envelope Britney. Since age 12 to now 22, I still think you are an icon.


  1. Thank you for making me love Brit, Zen.

  2. thats a super hot cover. when is it from?