Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hockey East Champs!

BU is on a roll, winning every single tournament and championship this season thus far. The Hockey East championship game was low scoring, BU 1-0, and was all about penalty kills.
The Dog Pound was on crack... everytime we had to sing "Ole" during a penalty, I swear the fans were singing at supersonic ludicrious speed. Basically, it sounded like this "oleoleoleoleoleoleoleoleoel...". But I guess cracked out singing helps because we got ourselves another HOCKEY EAST TITLE.
Celebratory drinks at T's Pub (call it what it is, it's always going to be T's Pub).
Penalty magnet and always game, #18 Brandon Yip
BU Hockey Alum Kevin Kielt, #21 J-Lo (Jason Lawrence) and Hobey Baker candidate #33 Colin Wilson.
Jaeger bombs with the Co-Captain and Hobey candidate #97 Matt Gilroy.
My fav underclassmen #13 Nick Bonino and #11 Zach Cohen.
Always calm, Goalie Kieran Millan.

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