Friday, March 6, 2009

Watching Watchmen: Why I love Digital Media Planning

I'm am excited for today 03.06.09 because it's the opening of WATCHMEN... but also watch how the media planners for Watchmen knew where to find me:  

Yahoo! Movies - My site of choice to find out movie times... nice sync ad and sponsorship of the Showtimes & Tickets box (where I always type in my zipcode, 02215 baby!).
Yahoo! Watchmen Movie Page - Pretty themed skin (I'm getting pumped for the movie) 
Myspace - Again nice skin, consistent use of Watchmen color.  At this point, I'm thinking Watchmen is taking over!
Facebook Gifts - I'm iffy about the Facebook gifts because they aren't actual gifts (so why would you ever pay for them), but this time Watchmen did it right.  Combine an iconic "Watchmen" pin + FREE = easy, effective spread of the movie.  Great placement on the Facebook homepage sidebar.   
My internship this summer was for online media planning, so I think it's cool how movies and companies are finding ways to reach its audience online.  Besides these few sites, I know there are millions of other Watchmen display ads and homepage takeovers online...  It's no doubt online advertising is going to help Watchmen's opening weekend, and the money they put into this plan will be worth it.  Just goes to show that online reach is legit.

Lastly, NY Mag - This is more PR, but I was confronted by the movie and the number of the times (25) on one of my favorite sites. 

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