Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break NYC (Part I): Awkward 5th Ave Encounter

Day 1 I decide to start in the UES and make my way down: the Gugg, MET, Central Park and Fifth Ave window shopping. It was a beautiful day, not too windy so it wasn't freezing cold.

My 'mommy complex' kicked in near the Belvedere Castle when a bunch of little kids dressed in poofy, bright winter jackets waddled their way behind a park ranger (dressed very much so like a park ranger). I took a photo like a pedofile, kidding... I really like kids.
The park was beautiful. Central Park never dissapoints.
Awkward Male Encounter #1 happens while walking down Fifth Ave:
A boy my age and height dressed in a fitted plaid jacket walks up to me and says, "Just want you to know you are f*cking hot."
Zeny "Thanks." I am scared and want to walk away but can't because we are walking the same direction on a crowded street.
Boy "I'm Ray and go to F.I.T. Do you go to F.I.T.? I think you are gorgeous."
Zeny "Thaanks. No, I don't go to FIT."
Boy "Where you from? Are you visiting?"
Zeny "I go to school in Boston. Boston University. I'm on spring break."
Boy "Well you dress like you are from the city." Although I am flattered, I'm over it and uncomfortable.
Boy "Do you want my number or something?" WHAT? No. We arrive at a street corner, perfect opportunity to runaway.
Zeny "I have a boyfriend..."
Boy "Oh, its NOTHING like that." Confused, I pause. He gives me a quick hug and says it was nice meeting me and runs away first. I then realize he is gay... my gay-dar must be broken. I keep walking straight disturbed by my faulty gay-dar.

After I have lunch with friends in a LES restaurant called Bread, where I witnessed models eating... so unfair.

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