Monday, March 2, 2009

Copywriters can learn from TV

A tip I've learned to making effective ads is to make familiar things seem weird, or weird things seem familiar.  Today in my snow-day-TV-coma (again), I experienced some great copy that twisted familiar things.  

Example 1:
Maury show: "I was in a coma... I can't be your baby's father!"  Wow.  That's some great copy. Got me watching for two seconds, turns out HE IS THE FATHER!

Example 2:
RuPaul, drag queen and host of a weirdly entertaining parody of Project Runway on the LOGO channel, dismisses the kicked off contestant by saying "SASHAY AWAY." How awesome is that goodbye... way better than Auf Wiedersehen.

Lesson of the day: Being strange is a strength.

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