Sunday, March 29, 2009

BU v. Ohio State - NCAA Hockey Northeast Regional

So I purchased $82 tickets for this weekend's NCAA Northeast Regional in New Hampshire, and I don't regret it.  BU beat Ohio State 8-3 last night to move on to play UNH today for a spot in this year's Frozen Four, while EVERY OTHER NUMBER ONE SEED--Michigan, Denver and Notre Dame--lost in the first round (a weekend of upsets).

Our first goal came with 11:11 (my favorite number) left in the period:
The Dog Pound, BU's student section, has been known to be rowdy, enthusiastic and very outspoken and we're proud of that; however, there are a few people who really give The Dog Pound a bad rap, by bad-mouthing and disrespecting opposing fans and EVEN our own fans.

It's a shame that a few have to ruin the experience for us all...
But I'm not going to let some tool bags get in the way of tonight's game.  Catch all the action on ESPN U at 5:30 pm.    
*Update: I forgot to mention how annoying the McDonalds stickers lined along the plexiglass near the goalie is.  What does fast food have to do with hockey? 

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