Sunday, March 1, 2009

Supercuts sucks

Times are hard these days. I have to justify whether eating fruits is necessary because grapes cost $7. Recession or not, eating healthy is necessary. A haircut, however, is not.

October was the last time I cut my hair, and lately I've been traumatized by my split ends and wirey ends. Eventhough, I loved how long and flowly my black hair was, I convinced myself I need to cut it. Being the cheap-ass Chinese I am, I refuse to spend anymore than $35 on a haircut. Somehow, I told myself going to Supercuts would be okay. SUPERCUTS! The last time I went to supercuts I was in elementary school, and if I remember right I cried for months.

Ugh, result?

It looks like I went with a scissors and decided to give myself choppy layers. The hair on my right side is longer than my left. It's my fault, I should have just asked for a trim.

Lesson: Never go to Supercuts. I'm not saving myself money, because now I need to wait another four months for my hair to grow out and get a REAL haircut that costs a ton of money to fix my hair.

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain! I went to Supercuts for a trim and a few layers on my almost waist length hair and now i look like a true asshole! Not even my bangs are cut straight. Where do those fools get their training? on a barbie doll perhaps?