Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Most Magical 44 Seconds Ever

BU beats BC, 3-2, to advance to the Hockey East Championship game Saturday against UMass Lowell (boy am I glad Northeastern lost to Lowell). However, this victory came at a painful price...
  • BU was scoreless the first two periods
  • My favorite player Brandon Yip was ejected out of the game for hitting from behind (Yip is asian, the ref is racist)
  • BC scored first...
THEN, miraculously in the last period, #11 Zach Cohen scores BU's first goal, and in the next 44 seconds two more goals are scored (Strait, Wilson)!

Holy crap, it was frickin amazing. Before BU fans could finish boo-ing BC's goalie Muse, we would score again, and then before the announcer could finish up formal recognition of the second goal, we scored again. The garden finally sounded like the way it should be: EARTH-SHAKING LOUD.

I have come to learn that a true BU hockey game is never easy on its fans, frustration always precedes elation, and victory feels amazing. Can't wait for Saturday's championship game... Go Terriers!

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