Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break NYC (Part II): New Museum

Day 2 I visited the New Museum on Bowery because the weather was ugly and some people talked about it in class. Totally worth the $8 student fee if you like small but thoughtful exhibits. The exhibits had an international focus and a lot of interactivity. New Museum doesn't feel flat or dry like most museums. For example, the Iraq exhibit had an Iraqi translator on call to answer any visitors' questions and the China exhibit had piles of Urban China magazines and computers with images for visitors to browse.

I found myself sitting, flipping pages, kneeling, peeking behind curtains, reading, listening... it was a sensory and aesthetically pleasing experience. 'Hell, yes!' to New Museum!

235 Bowery: Looks like boxes stacked on top of each other.The chairs in the cafe were cool.
View of Soho from the 5th floor 'Museum as Hub' room, which had plenty of reading materials and video on the history of the museum.
Word. Somewhat reminds me of the Citgo Sign in Kenmore Sq.
And for my FAVORITE part of the museum: THE BATHROOM WALLS
Check out the gorgeous tiles in light teal and hues of grey and brown that form a floral pattern.

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