Monday, March 23, 2009

OMFG, Bluefly you are too damn good.

Being an advertising enthusiast, I can spot product placement as quickly and easily as breathing. It's always been a problem, because I can never actually concentrate on the show and instead think to myself: Jenny Humphrey are you really coincidently surfing the Bluefly website on my favorite show 'Gossip Girl' and really suggesting to buy your brother Dan Humphrey new clothes from the website

BLUEFLY you sneaky bastard... how much did you pay to partner with the show OR actually how much amazing free clothes are you giving the show?

Gossip Girl + Bluefly = match made in heaven for every UES wannabe.  Barneys and Bergdorfs watch out because there's another 'B' in town.

The most genius part of Bluefly's road to dominance is its online initiative.  Bluefly has changed its site to feature it's GOSSIP GIRL-CENTRIC theme... where you can shop your favorite character's clothes:
And OMFG, now all of us girls can dress our boyfriends like the one and only CHUCK BASS:
Sweater vests, pastel polos, and quilted plaids... I am happy to see the hipster-i'm-growing-my-beard-out-like-jesus look fade away.

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  1. I LOVE THIS. also...theres a "new 'b' in town" is copy-writing genius