Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've known about Twitter since last summer and have avoided it at all cost. Until the presidential elections when CNN was using this dreaded thing (still baffled). Then starting two months ago, it's all I hear in my apartment and in class: "Do you have twitter?", "I just tweeted", blah blah blah blah...

Twitter is definitely a marketing/advertising industry thing. EVERYONE HAS ONE. C'mon person who is reading my blog, why haven't you signed up for one?? Has your college education not taught you the importance of brevity (140 characters biatch), because I'm in COM and was trained to summarize Abraham Lincoln's life in three words: Top Hat, awesome.

Or, maybe you haven't signed up for Twitter because the burden of updating your facebook friends and tweeters about your life is so overwhelming that you STOP LIVING.

Here is why I will never be a true twitter fan:
  • I do not own (or want) a smartphone (Crackberries, MePhones) - It was only last August that I gave up my Nokia Brick. I like being disconnected to the internet at times.
  • TinyURLs scare me - a link I posted ended up being: http://tinyurl.com/cugsum... it kept looking like 'cumcum' to me. How do we know that people aren't posting sick pictures on twitter??
  • Tweet sounds like Teet - and I don't like to be called a nipple.
There's a hilarious video about Twitter on Current.com, I can't seem to embed it into the post, but if you have a minute YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS (*update: fixed it). Hilarious. Ironically, I heard about this video on Twitter through Federated_Media.

There are some redeeming qualities about Twitter. I follow adagencylayoffs and can find out how screwed I am post-graduation through its real-time coverage of people being let go daily, hourly, minutely...

Has anyone tried drunk tweeting before? This maybe an all-time low and first for me.

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