Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break NYC

To all my loyal readers out there (you know who you three are), sorry I haven't been able to post... it's because I'm breaking the Spring in NYC. It's nice to be in the City, but the overwhelming feelings of being alone and crazy from this summer are rushing back to me; however, I've found a realistic compromise to the hecticness of the city... Williamsburg. I had a yummy thai dinner in the 'burg and love it. Bedford Ave is a short subway ride into Manhattan and this place doesn't give me the urge to run around the city in stilettos intoxicated (hypothetically speaking).

The best part of my break so far has been seeing old friends I haven't seen since this summer: Amanda, Larissa, Stephanie, Digitas fam, Jason, Sabrina... and Andrew on Thursday! I'll be posting about my break soon, here's what to look forward to:
  • New Museum review
  • Pepsi and Snicker subway buyouts
  • Infamous $3 Marg drunkeness
  • Post-Graduation epiphanies

As I type, Real World Brooklyn is rationing out dishware and silverware... I really wish JD would break another table.

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