Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Personal Plug #5 - Coca Cola "Stay Classic" Campaign

Lately, I'm starting to see a progression in my creative work. I make choices that push my work to be better and can differentiate between what's good and bad design. HOWEVER...

Looking back on the work I've done the last three years, I realize most of it is crap. But aside from amateur design, I don't think I give myself enough credit on some of my past ideas.

The below was done two years ago during my Sophomore year:

Example #1 - Coca-Cola "Stay Classic" Video
MY DIRECTORIAL DEBUT. Everything about it is cheesy--music, transitions (iMovie!) and typeface. The best part about making this video is that I convinced my friends to dance in Boston winter without music. Amazingly, somehow their dancing matched the music.

Thank you Marisa, Nina, Gabs and Megan for letting me use you as guinea pigs.

Example #2 - Coca-Cola 'Stay Classic' Website
This is the first website I have ever designed (let alone use Dreamweaver), and it follows the video's concept of 'Stay Classic'. Considering my lack of web design experience, I'm pretty proud of the social networking aspect, interactivity and intuitiveness of the site.
Everyone has gotta start somewhere.

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  1. all of my professional credibility has just gone out the window. ha